The Mindset You Need to Hook Well-Paying Freelance Gigs This Year

The start of a new year is the best time to set positive goals, such as gearing yourself up to hook as many well-paying freelance gigs or jobs as possible. It’s a daunting challenge for any freelancer, but it is particularly challenging if you have to rely on freelancing platforms such as oDesk or Elance that have millions of freelancers bidding for the same jobs and clients that you are. You have to work that much smarter to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of the well-paying clients. In the same way that the well-to-do tend to hang out with their peers who are well-to do, … Continue reading

Tools, Apps, & Resources I Plan to Use in 2015

How many times do you say to yourself: “Where the hell have I been! How I wish I knew about that app or tool or resource yesterday!”? To be honest, I tell myself that all the time. Like when I discovered that I could actually make money online right from my house in Kenya, by writing customized business plans and killer marketing plans. What about the many resources that I use on this website to make it what it is? Or the countless apps that help me manage most my personal and business life? In this post I share those resources which I’m sure … Continue reading

Achieving Your New Year Resolution to Start a Business

January is a time when most of us reflect on the year that has been and make resolutions for the new year ahead. With 2014 coming to a close, 2015 opens a new chapter – and, with that, new year resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions include: starting your own business, losing weight, quitting smoking, getting out of debt, drinking less, falling in love, etc. Unfortunately, statistics show that  only 8% of the people who set New Year Resolutions successfully achieve them. Resolutions alone are simply not enough. You need to go ahead and do what you resolved to do. … Continue reading

How To Write an Investment Group or Chama Strategic / Business Plan

Investment Groups have become common place in Kenya and most parts of East Africa where they are commonly known as chama, in plural, chamas. Simply put, these chamas are a group of like minded individuals – usually 5 or more – who come together with the chief objective of pulling their funds together in a bid to leverage the power of numbers. One common theme that cuts across most Chamas is the need to make the members’ investments make a positive return for them. Thus, whether your Chama / investment group is new or has been in existence for a … Continue reading

Best Way to Withdraw Money Earned Online in Kenya (Part 1)

Skrill iT (8)

If you live in Kenya and offer online freelance services, at some point you will definitely need to withdraw your earnings. But the question is, which is the best, cheapest or affordable, and most convenient way to withdraw your cash or money? In the next couple days, I will be sharing my experiences with the various methods I have used. Today we kick off the discussions with Skrill. Skrill (Formerly known as Moneybrookers) Skrill is one of the cheapest ways for online freelancers in Kenya to withdraw their money. For example, if you freelance via the oDesk platform, to send money … Continue reading

7 Simple Skills that Can Increase Your Freelancing Income Today

Do you want to leave ditch your freelancing career? Are you neither happy nor satisfied with your present financial situation? Are you demotivated because the famine leg of the feast-famine cycle always seems longer than the feast cycle? Well, I have good news for you. You don’t have to quit. Below are 7  quick tips that you can take advantage of and increase your freelancing income today. 1. Client Relationship Management As a freelancer, whether you sell products or provide services, you first and foremost work with people either directly or indirectly. These clients are human and have feelings. Thus, apart from providing them with a service or product, … Continue reading

How to Become a Business Plan Writing Services Mercenary

Almost all business owners have come to the realization that they can benefit from strategic planning and particularly business plan writing services. Of course there are those who like the proverbial ostrich have their heads buried in the sand and refuse to adopt this reality that faces all business owners: You must plan for your business activities. If you fail to plan, you are signing up for failure. So businesses owners need to develop business plans. Even if it is just a simple one page plan outlining how the business intends to achieve its goals, it is definitely better than nothing at all. That’s why selling … Continue reading

5 Tips to Diversify Your Income with Business Plan Consulting

The tactics that I will share on this post are relevant for much more than carving a career as a Business Plan or Marketing Plan writer.  Applying your skill set to Business Plan Consulting can not only make you tons of cash — but will also help you diversify your income sources and protect your freelancing career. Even if you’re just beginning your freelance business plan consulting journey, you still know a whole lot more than the average Jill or Jack. While you may not consider yourself as the go-to expert business plan writer, you definitely are to potential small business owners or entrepreneurs who don’t know … Continue reading

Become a Great Business Plan Writer and Enjoy the Benefits

If you engage in business planning, you have to develop business plans that potential small business investors and loan providers want to fund. Writers who succeed at this balancing act can proudly wear their business plan writer badge and daunt less-savvy strategists. Business Plan writing requires an understanding of what funds providers want to see as well as what will help you reach your business goals. There’s no point in having a well-written business plan if you don’t plan to implement it. Master these simple yet brutally effective business plan writing techniques and not only will your business plan catch the attention … Continue reading

5 Ways to Tell if Your Client Will Screw You Over

There are few things that can ruin your new freelance gig as much as not realizing you have a terrible client in good time. Even if you snag the gig of your dreams, a horrendous relationship with the client can have you wishing you hadn’t even gotten it. However, the saying goes that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and noting early warning signs is the key to not getting stuck into a disastrous contract. SEE ALSO: 7 Signs That the oDesk Job You Just Landed Could Be Fake  Following are five red flags to look out for when dealing with a new client before … Continue reading